MOMIX 2021, Change of course !
Dear friends of the MOMIX festival, We are confused, we are in pain because we will not be able to offer the 30th edition of the MOMIX festival under the initial conditions. Indeed, the health situation and government measures force us to anticipate another way of organizing ourselves. theaters and other performance venues will not be accessible to the public, which despairs us because MOMIX belongs primarily to children and families.Only live performance professionals will be allowed to attend sessions specially planned for them so that the creations of artists are seen by programmers. This is the only way to support the work of artists, companies, technicians to maintain this much needed link between live performance and an audience. This provisional programming of our 30th MOMIX festival will therefore, on the one hand, be reduced for an adjusted offer and only aimed at professionals. Because, while waiting for better days, the cultural and artistic world must be solidarity to continue to create, invent, make you dream … But we want to postpone a large part of the programming as soon as the situation allows us so that all audiences, children, families, students can finally enjoy the richness and poetry live performance. Thank you for your support, your little heartwarming words of encouragement.
For people who have already purchased tickets
We will get closer to you to communicate the reimbursement conditions to you.
Reopening of the professional ticket office with the new programming beginning of next week

This event, which will celebrate its 30th edition in 2021, unites parents and children around a moment of light entertainment designed to inspire debate and reflection.
Our children are tomorrow’s citizens and culture contributes significantly to both their education and their development as men and women.
The concept of a show that serves both a social and cultural purpose is no longer just an idea. It is a reality, a daily experience.

Momix, an international event
Momix festival has been a major annual event for young audiences in France for several years. Every year, the festival invites about thirty companies from all over France and abroad, for example from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, Peru, Quebec, etc.
It showcases a variety of disciplines including dance, puppets, theatre, music, circus, etc. Because of the quality of its program and the participation of international companies, Momix has become a reference for performing arts professionals and the French press.
In 2019, over 240 programmers and presenters, nearly 3500 school children and more than 24,000 spectators attended the festival to see the wide variety of performances and first productions, participate in workshops and professional meetings, or simply have fun.